Batman by-election - FAQs

Updated: 2 February 2018

Why doesn’t the AEC check the eligibility of all candidates at an election?

The AEC does not have the authority to conduct eligibility checks. Candidate eligibility is addressed in Section 44 of the Constitution. The Constitution is administered by the Attorney-General’s Department.

In addition there is no data source available to enable comprehensive eligibility inquiries to be made during a federal election. The election timetable provides for nominations to be made less than a week prior to early voting. Read More.

What if I updated my details with the ABS for the marriage survey?

If you live in the Division of Batman and updated your address with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (not the AEC) after the close of rolls for the marriage postal survey on 24 August 2017, this will not have changed your enrolment details for the by-election. If you have moved since you last updated your enrolment with the AEC you can update your details for the by-election up until 8pm on Wednesday 14 February 2018.

Why do I have a postal vote application from a candidate?

Candidates and political parties are allowed to distribute postal vote applications. You do not have to accept or use the postal vote application sent to you by a political party.

If you decide to fill out one of the forms sent to you by a candidate, the party or candidate must forward your form to the AEC for processing, or you can also choose to return the application directly to the Australian Electoral Commission.