Australian Electoral Commission

How to vote while overseas

Updated: 18 May 2016

Contact the AEC from overseas

+61 2 6160 2600

It is now too late to enrol or update your details for the 2016 federal election.

However you can still enrol to vote in future federal, state and local government elections.

Enrolments will continue to be processed after the deadline, if you wish to confirm your enrolment for this federal election please check back in a few days.

If you wish to vote in the federal election while overseas you must be enrolled to vote.

How do I vote in person?

If you are currently enrolled, you can vote in person at an overseas voting centre.

How do I vote by post?

If you are currently enrolled, you can vote by post.

I am unable to vote, what should I do?

If you are unable to vote you should complete and submit an Overseas Notification form [PDF 55KB].

If you do not inform the AEC, we will write to you asking you to explain why you did not vote. If you explain you were overseas on election day, you will not be fined.

Can I vote online?

No, you cannot vote online.

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