State/territory entitlement to electoral divisions

Updated: 25 August 2016

Current entitlement

The last entitlement determination was made on 13 November 2014. A total of 150 seats were contested at the 2016 federal election for the House of Representatives in accordance with the following table.

Entitlement to members of the House of Representatives
State Entitlement
New South Wales 47
Victoria 37
Queensland 30
Western Australia 16
South Australia 11
Tasmania 5
Australian Capital Territory 2
Northern Territory 2

When the next entitlement determination will occur

Under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act), the Electoral Commissioner is required to use the latest official published statistics of the Commonwealth to ascertain the Australian population on the day after the one year anniversary of the first meeting of the House of Representatives.

The Electoral Commissioner then makes a determination of the number of members of the House of Representatives each state is entitled to. A similar exercise is used to calculate the entitlements of the territories.

How entitlement is determined

State and territory entitlements are calculated by dividing the total population figure for the Commonwealth, excluding territory populations, by twice the number of Senators for the states to obtain the population quota.

Total population of the six states / (Number of Senators for the states x 2) = Population quota

The population of each state and territory is then divided by the population quota, and the result rounded to the nearest whole number to determine the number of members of the House of the Representatives the state or territory is entitled to.

Total population of individual state or territory / Population quota = Number of members

Note: In calculating the number of members of the House of Representatives for a state or territory, if the remainder is more than 0.5, the figure for the number of members is rounded up. If the remainder is less than or equal to 0.5, the figure is rounded down (i.e. 2.5 = 2 members, and 2.52 = 3 members).