Australian Electoral Commission

Australian Referendums 1906-1999

Updated: 19 January 2011

The historical and statistical data contains the 44 national referendums held between 1906 and 1999. Statistical data is presented at national and divisional level for referendums held between 1906 and 1988, and at national, divisional and polling place level for 1999.

The data includes a mapping component to show the changes to electoral boundaries following all federal redistributions from the years 1906 to 1999.

In order to ensure that accurate comparisons between electoral boundaries can be made, we have included consistent landmarks that exist today in all maps throughout the years. These landmarks include present day towns and suburbs, which may not necessarily have been in existence in earlier years.

If you cannot download the ZIP files, you can request a free copy of the CD-ROM by emailing, please include your name and postal address.