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Updated: 3 April 2014

Standing as a candidate

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Candidates Handbook

The Candidates Handbook is your guide to standing for election to the Commonwealth Parliament. It covers each stage of the federal electoral process and provides you with the relevant parts of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act). You will learn about electoral law, and which laws apply to you and the people assisting you.

The handbook includes steps you need to take to qualify as a candidate and how to comply with the law before, during and after an election. We suggest that you read the Australian Constitution, the Act, and other relevant legislation listed in the handbook for more information.

The aim of this handbook is to provide you with general information about the nomination process and campaign activity. We cannot provide you with formal legal advice.

An addendum has been published to supplement the print version of the Candidates Handbook published in 2012 and used for the 2013 federal election. Hard copies are available from divisional offices. The PDF version above incorporates the addendum items.

Candidate nomination guide for federal elections

If you're thinking about standing as a candidate for the Commonwealth Parliament, this guide outlines the steps you will need to take when nominating for the Senate or the House of Representatives.

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