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Updated: 6 August 2014

Australia Votes (DVD)

This DVD covers all that citizens need to know about enrolling and voting in our Australian democracy. It gives information on why people need to enrol to vote, who we vote for in our federal parliament, what will happen in a polling place on election day, how ballot papers need to be marked and finally how candidates are elected.

This product is presented in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin. Running time is approximately 12 minutes.

Down for the Count (DVD)

This DVD explains in straightforward language and clear graphics how votes are counted for elections in the House of Representatives, the Senate and in referendums. Presented in three individual sections this is product is designed for education purposes.

Down for the count individual sections

Every Vote Counts (online)

This video is set against the background of the 2004 Federal Election and has been designed as an educational resource to explain how an election is organised and conducted. It runs for 14 minutes and is suitable for groups from upper primary onwards.

Voting is Easy! (online)

The Voting is Easy motion graphics video is aimed at Indigenous audiences and shows you how to make your vote count in a federal election. It’s easy!

Your Vote Matters (online)

Your Vote Matters is aimed at Indigenous audiences and includes information on why we vote, how to enrol to vote and the correct way to fill out ballot papers. It also explains the special arrangements for absent, mobile and early voting. (It is presented in English and runs for approximately nine and a half minutes. Online only.)

Education programs and resources provided by the Australian Electoral Commission are free of charge. To order resources please email