Batman by-election downloads and statistics

Updated: 21 February 2018


Polling place lists download

The following download is current at the date indicated and will be updated regularly. The 'status' column indicates administrative action that has occurred since the last electoral event.

  • Those listed as current polling places existed at the last event,
  • Those listed as appointments are new polling places for the next event and
  • Those listed as abolitions existed at the last event but won't be used at the next event.

Some polling places used at the last event have been renamed, these polling places appear as abolitions and appointments. The key data in this download is polling place name not premises name. The premises and associated address may change, the changing of a premises and associated address for a polling place does not alter the status of that polling place.

Historical vote data

The files below contain vote data from the 2016 federal election for all federal electoral divisions in Victoria.


Postal voting

The postal vote application (PVA) data in this spreadsheet includes all the PVAs received by the AEC for the 2018 Batman by-election. The spreadsheet includes a breakdown of how the PVAs were received and a daily breakdown of when they were entered.

Pre-poll voting

Daily data regarding the pre-poll votes cast at pre-poll voting centres (PPVCs) and AEC divisional offices for the 2018 Batman by-election will be made available here during the early voting period. The spreadsheet will include a breakdown of the number of pre-poll votes taken at every PPVC and divisional office for every day of the pre-poll voting period.