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Electoral rolls, maps and division finders

Updated: 26 August 2013

Federal maps – pricing

We sell the following consolidated state/territory maps:
State No. of maps Price $ (inc GST)
NSW 4 43.20
VIC 2 21.60
QLD 4 21.60
WA 2 21.60
SA 2 21.60
TAS 1 10.80
ACT 1 10.80
NT 1 10.80
TOTAL   162.00

Maps of a particular electoral division are available from the relevant divisional office for $10.80 (includes GST).

Complete sets of maps or maps of other divisions may be purchased from state offices.

Free maps

Division finders

The Division Finder is produced prior to a federal election, specifically for use by pre-poll centres and polling place staff. It includes an alphabetical listing of all localities and streets within a state or territory and is used to determine the division to which any address belongs.

The division finder data was extracted in June 2013.

National Division Finder $22.00 (inc GST)

The electoral roll

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 does not permit the sale of the electoral roll in any format.