Functions of the AEC

Updated: 31 August 2016

Our purpose

The AEC is funded to deliver one key outcome:

Maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for eligible voters through active electoral roll management, efficient delivery of polling services and targeted education and public awareness programs.

Our future direction

Agency directions

Over the next four years the AEC will focus its efforts on five complementary directions to successfully deliver the next federal election and position the AEC for the future (including the 2019 federal election and beyond). The agency directions are to:

  1. deliver a changed model for elections and referenda
  2. govern the organisation for quality and assurance
  3. professionalise the workforce
  4. re-establish the reputation of the AEC
  5. build an agile and responsive organisation.

In addition to the agency directions, the AEC will continue to focus on its legislative deliverables. These are:

  1. federal elections, by-elections and referenda
  2. electoral roll management
  3. support services for electoral redistributions
  4. party registration and financial disclosure
  5. industrial and commercial elections
  6. public awareness.

During 2016-17 the AEC will implement a number of activities that will provide confidence the AEC is appropriately placed to deliver the agency directions.