Re-use, recycling and donation of federal election materials

Updated: 2 September 2019

The AEC and Toll have combined to donate a range of 2019 federal election materials to Indigenous health and community organisations.

The Electoral Commissioner, Mr Tom Rogers, said that running a manual event so large in scale provided a responsibility to ensure resources that could be re-used did not go to waste.

Re-use, recycling and donation of federal election materials

“We’re in the very fortunate position of being able to provide first-aid kits from our 7,000+ polling premises, plus a high volume of different stationery equipment, to people who can put it to great use to promote the health and wellbeing of people who often lack these resources,”
Mr Rogers said.

“This material is still mostly brand new, and it will either not last until the next full federal election or is cheaper to purchase again than store.”

As the AEC’s transport provider for the 2019 federal election, the Toll Group has generously provided delivery of donated materials free of charge.

The Toll Global Express Executive General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mr Anthony Stuart, said: “As part of our partnership with the AEC, we were happy to give our support and assist in getting these products out to local community groups.”

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is among the recipients of donated first-aid kits. IAHA CEO Donna Murray said that supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health workforce is critical to ensuring quality, safe and responsive care is provided across health and related sectors such as disability.

“IAHA and our members work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. The first-aid kits and other resources will make a big difference in supporting the work we do with schools and communities to promote health, and help build the much-needed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce,” Ms Murray said.

Re-use, recycling and donation of federal election materials

“These resources will contribute to our student members’ education and learning and, for graduates, provide essential resources to support their work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and other Australians who need health care. The AEC and Toll are making a real and valuable contribution to people’s wellbeing.”

While some materials are donated, others are not. AEC IT materials are procured to last a number of electoral events, and large volumes of cardboard and other items are stored.

“At the AEC we are especially mindful of our footprint, as well as some of the challenges that Indigenous Australians face to access resources that others might take for granted,” Mr Rogers said.

“It is terrific to have this opportunity to help in a small way.”

Editor’s notes

  • Stationery materials donated include pens, pencils, highlighters, blu-tac and bulldog clips.
  • The AEC also liaises with state and territory electoral management bodies on the potential for re-use of election materials for other Australian electoral events.
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