2018 Braddon, Longman, Mayo, Fremantle and Perth by-election disclosure returns published today

Updated: 14 January 2019

Disclosure returns lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) by candidates following the 2018 Braddon, Longman, Mayo, Fremantle and Perth by‑elections held on Saturday 28 July 2018 have been released for public inspection.

The election disclosure returns are now available.

The returns cover receipts and expenditure by candidates who contested the 2018 Braddon, Longman, Mayo, Fremantle and Perth by-elections. Of the 48 candidates who contested these by‑elections, a total of 48 lodged returns and of these 35 candidates lodged nil returns.

Gifts received and any expenditure incurred by a candidate’s party committee will be included in the party’s annual financial disclosure returns for either 2017–18 or 2018–19, depending on when the donation was received or expenditure incurred.

Party financial disclosure returns for the 2017–18 and 2018–19 financial years will be available for public inspection on Friday 1 February 2019 and Monday 3 February 2020 respectively.

Editor’s notes:

Financial disclosure requirements


Candidates are required to disclose the total sum of all donations received and used to fund their campaign, along with details of donations received where those donations total more than $13,500 from a single source. Totals of electoral expenditure under specified categories are also required.

Officially endorsed candidates may submit a 'nil return' and roll their reporting into the annual return for their party, if those financial transactions were the responsibility of a party committee.

Donations received and expenditure incurred by candidates' campaign committees will be disclosed in their party annual returns.


Donations totalling more than $13,500 made to an individual candidate, and donations received by a donor totalling more than $13,500 from a single source that were used in turn to fund donations to an individual candidate must be reported by the donor.

Further information about disclosure requirements is available on the financial disclosure page.

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