Don’t forget to vote in the Wentworth by-election tomorrow

Updated: 19 October 2018

Tomorrow is election day for voters in the federal electoral division of Wentworth.

Australian Electoral Officer for New South Wales, Warwick Austin said it is compulsory for every voter enrolled in the electoral division of Wentworth to vote in the by-election. 

“Wentworth voters will be able to vote tomorrow between 8am and 6pm at any one of the 35 polling places that will be open for the division” Mr Austin said.

The location of polling places can be found on the Wentworth by-election page or by calling 13 23 26.

Mr Austin urged all Wentworth voters to take care when filling out their ballot paper to ensure their vote can be counted.

“Wentworth voters need to make sure every box is numbered from 1 to 16 in the order of their choice” Mr Austin said.

For Wentworth voters who can’t make it to a polling place tomorrow, early voting is still available up until 6pm today.

For more information on the 2018 Wentworth by-election visit the Wentworth by-election page or call 13 23 26.

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