July 2018 by-elections – payment to political parties and candidates

Updated: 23 August 2018

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has authorised the full payment of election funding to political parties and candidates for votes received at the Braddon, Fremantle, Longman, Mayo and Perth by elections (July 2018 by-elections).

The total amount of election funding for all five by-elections is $921,241.94. Payments have been made to all parties and candidates.

The following table is a breakdown of the full payment of election funding for the July 2018 by-elections.

Payment to political parties and candidates
Party/Candidate Total Payment ($)
Political Party
Australian Labor Party 327,816.66
Liberal Party of Australia 229,794.33
Centre Alliance 107,656.11
The Greens (WA) Inc 58,420.71
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation 38,450.37
Liberal Democratic Party (WA Branch) 34,991.18
Australian Greens (South Australia) 21,597.40
Queensland Greens 11,660.08
Australian Christians 9,160.71
Animal Justice Party 9,015.78
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party 8,159.87
Australian Greens, Tasmanian Branch 6,885.57
Mr Craig Garland (Braddon, Tasmania) 18,138.20
Mr Paul Collins (Perth, Western Australia) 15,083.72
Mr Jason Spanbroek (Fremantle, Western Australia) 8,857.18
Ms Julie Matheson (Perth, Western Australia) 8,539.97
Mr James Grayden (Perth, Western Australia) 7,014.10
Total 921,241.94

Editor’s notes

  • In order to be entitled to election funding a candidate must obtain at least four per cent of the formal first preference vote.
  • Funding entitlements are calculated using an indexed sum per first preference vote. At the July 2018 by-elections, each first preference vote was worth 273.454 cents.
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