Eleven candidates to contest the 2018 Longman by-election

Updated: 6 July 2018

Eleven candidates have nominated to contest the 2018 Longman by-election, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) announced today. 

The candidate nominations, in ballot paper order, that were officially declared at midday today are:

  1. RUSSELL, Lloyd Thomas John – Liberal Democrats
  2. SALEAM, Jim – Australia First Party
  3. BELL, Gregory – Labour DLP
  4. PERKINS, Jackie – Independent
  5. NOONAN, James – Science Party
  6. STEPHEN, Matthew – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
  7. REECE, John – Australian People’s Party
  8. LAMB, Susan – Australian Labor Party
  9. RUTHENBERG, Trevor – Liberal National Party of Queensland
  10. VERRIER, Blair Ann – Australian Country Party
  11. BEHRENS, Gavin – The Greens

Note: information regarding the nominations for the Longman by-election will also be made available on the AEC website. The publication of qualification checklists and associated material will occur on Monday 9 July.

Editor’s notes:

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