2015-16 annual financial disclosure returns to be published on Wednesday 1 February

Updated: 25 January 2017

The 2015–16 annual financial disclosure returns from political parties, associated entities, donors and third parties who incur political expenditure will be available for public inspection after 9am (AEDT) on Wednesday 1 February 2017.

The annual returns will be available at http://periodicdisclosures.aec.gov.au/. The AEC's annual returns system will provide images of the original returns, data from the returns and some analysis. It also includes a data export function to enable users to undertake additional analysis of the data.

Getting ready for the release

Members of the media not familiar with the AEC's annual returns system at http://periodicdisclosures.aec.gov.au/ are encouraged to view the site ahead of time (until the release date the system will only have information for previous financial years).

Any questions on the navigation of the annual returns system should be directed to the AEC's funding and disclosure helpdesk on 02 6271 4552.

Editor's notes:

  • The disclosure scheme requires registered political parties, their state branches, local branches, associated entities and donors to lodge annual financial disclosure returns with the AEC.
  • The disclosure threshold for the 2015–16 financial year returns was 'more than $13,000'. The threshold is indexed on 1 July each year.
  • The disclosure period covers 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Any transactions made after June 30 2016, should be disclosed in the 2016–17 annual disclosure return. This includes transactions that may have related to the federal election held on 2 July 2016.
  • Further information on the financial disclosure scheme is available at http://www.aec.gov.au/Parties_and_Representatives/index.htm