Queensland redistribution indicative timetable

Updated: 15 September 2017

This is an indicative timetable and is subject to change. Dates will be updated as the redistribution progresses.


Step 1 – commencement

Current enrolment quota


Enrolment statistics available

Prior to call for suggestions

Call for suggestions to the redistribution

19 April 2017

Suggestions period closes

6pm 19 May 2017 (AEST)

Suggestions made available for viewing

22 May 2017

Step 3 – comments on suggestions

Comments on suggestions are able to be made

22 May 2017

Comments on suggestions period closes

6pm 2 June 2017 (AEST)

Comments on suggestions available for viewing

2nd quarter 2017

Redistribution Committee convenes to consider proposed electoral divisions

3rd quarter 2017

Step 4 – objections to the proposed redistribution

Proposed redistribution report released

29 September 2017

Call for objections to the proposed redistribution

29 September 2017

Objections period closes

6pm 27 October 2017 (AEST)

Objections available for viewing

30 October 2017

Step 5 – comments on objections

Comments on objections are able to be made

30 October 2017

Comments on objections period closes

6pm 10 November 2017 (AEST)

Comments on objections available for viewing

13 November 2017

Step 5a – inquiry into objections

Augmented Electoral Commission holds an inquiry into objections (Brisbane)

13 December 2017

Step 6 – announcement of final electoral divisions

Augmented Electoral Commission meets to determine electoral divisions

4th quarter 2017

Augmented Electoral Commission announces electoral divisions

5 January 2018

Further objection period (if required)

not required

Step 7 – determination

Augmented Electoral Commission makes determination of electoral divisions

27 March 2018

Report is tabled in Parliament

after determination

Report is made publicly available

after tabling
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