Appendix E: Redistribution timetable

Updated: 7 March 2012
Redistribution timetable
12 January 2011 Direction for South Australia to be redistributed
17 January 2011 Quota of electors determined
6 April 2011 Public suggestions and comments on public suggestions invited
29 April 2011 Redistribution Committee appointed
6 May 2011 Public suggestions closed
20 May 2011 Public comments on suggestions closed
12 August 2011 Redistribution Committee for South Australia gave notice in the Gazette of its proposal
9 September 2011 Objections closed
23 September 2011 Comments on objections closed
13 October 2011 Public inquiry into objections to the proposed redistribution (Adelaide)
21 October 2011 Augmented Electoral Commission announced the redistribution of South Australia
16 December 2011 Determination of boundaries and names

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