Public Suggestions

Updated: 9 February 2011

Public suggestions to the Victorian redistribution closed on 9 April 2010.

Suggestions received by the Redistribution Committee must be made publicly available in accordance with Section 64 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

The suggestions are provided in full below and are also available for perusal at the office of the Redistribution Committee in Melbourne.

Persons or organisations may lodge written comments on any or all of the suggestions that have been received.

Written comments must be lodged with the Redistribution Committee by 6pm Friday 23 April 2010.

Comments should be sent to:

Redistribution Committee for Victoria
8th Floor, Casselden Place,
2 Lonsdale St, MELBOURNE VIC 3000


GPO Box 768G
Melbourne VIC 3001

Fax: 03 9285 7169


Public suggestions
No. Suggested By
1Michael Hedger [PDF 104KB]
2 Chris J Harkin And Stephen L Hart [PDF 1.2MB]
3Barry and Enid Young [PDF 113KB]
4Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 137KB]
5Craig Rickards [PDF 157KB]
6Peter Twomey [PDF 66KB]
7 Luke O'Sullivan State Director The Nationals For Regional Victoria [PDF 1.1MB]
8Mr Norm Ellis [PDF 453KB]
9 Nicholas Reece State Secretary Victorian ALP [PDF 1.3MB]
* Attachment to suggestion
10 Charles Richardson [PDF 1.6MB]
* Attachment to suggestion
11 Stephen Luntz Australian Greens Victoria [PDF 3.6MB]
12 Tony Nutt State Director Liberal Party Victoria [PDF 13.3MB]

* The TAB files are provided for those who do not have GIS software. To view these files, the MapInfo ProViewer software is available free from Pitney Bowes for this purpose and the link is provided for your convenience.

* The SHAPE file format and the MID/MIF file format are available for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You will need GIS software to view and manipulate data.

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the suggestion, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.