Objections to the Proposed Redistribution

Updated: 28 October 2010

Objections to the proposed redistribution are required to be made publicly available in accordance with Section 69 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Persons or organisations may lodge written comments about the objections that have been received. Written comments must be lodged by 6pm Friday 10 September 2010.

Written comments on the objections should be sent to:

Redistribution Secretariat for Victoria
Level 8, Casselden Place
2 Lonsdale Street


GPO Box 9867
VIC 8060

OR by email vicredistribution@aec.gov.au

The list contains 129 objections received by the Redistribution Secretariat.
No. Objection submitted by
1 Mandy Mullens, Secretary, Boorhaman Branch, Country Women's Association [PDF 140KB]
2 Patrick Kelly [PDF 79KB]
3 Erik S. Dober [PDF 205KB]
4 Dean Rudeforth [PDF 64KB]
5 Frank Peiffer [PDF 108KB]
6 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 120KB]
7 Arthur and Beryl Gregson [PDF 65KB]
8 Carolyn Eade [PDF 67KB]
9 Dennis Cartledge [PDF 142KB]
10 Keith Baillie, Chief Executive Officer, Shire Of Campaspe [PDF 808KB]
11 Ruth Turpin [PDF 112KB]
12 Philip Kennedy [PDF 64KB]
13 Sean Isbester [PDF 69KB]
14 Karen Clavin [PDF 63KB]
15 Phil Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Shepparton City Council [PDF 751KB]
16 John Forrest MP, Federal Member for Mallee [PDF 553KB]
17 Miss Lorna E. Hoffmann [PDF 199KB]
18 William S. and Jean M. Osborne [PDF 73KB]
19 Simon Hawkins [PDF 63KB]
20 John Burrell [PDF 67KB]
21 Dorothy Boyle and Alan Boyle [PDF 84KB]
22 Leo and Catherine O'Connor [PDF 80KB]
23 Jennifer Margaret Briody and Michael Joseph Briody [PDF 65KB]
24 Cr Jan Farrell, Councillor for Beangalla Ward, City of Greater Geelong [PDF 111KB]
25 Linda and James A. Neilson [PDF 292KB]
26 Faye and Col Berryman [PDF 384KB]
27 Mr Paul Battista [PDF 74KB]
28 Cr Dr. Srechko Kontelj OAM, Councillor for Kildare Ward, City of Greater Geelong [PDF 145KB]
29 Harry M. Carr [PDF 62KB]
30 Justin Lamond [PDF 89KB]
31 Gail Robertson [PDF 103KB]
32 Raymond Richard James Larcombe and Gladys Annie Larcombe [PDF 78KB]
33 John M. Stiff and D. J. Stiff [PDF 310KB]
34 Leigh and Lynne Johnston [PDF 64KB]
35 Peter Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Macedon Ranges Shire Council [PDF 420KB]
36 Susanne Bennett and Annabel Harwood [PDF 237KB]
37 Keppel and Helen Turnour [PDF 72KB]
38 Peter Williams [PDF 77KB]
39 Blair Trewin, Secretary – ALP Ivanhoe Branch [PDF 168KB]
40 Frank Oliver, Rochester Ward Councillor, Shire of Campaspe [PDF 80KB]
41 Michael Ritchie [PDF 143KB]
42 Nina Slade [PDF 66KB]
43 Sandra Gatehouse, Secretary – Barwon Heads Association [PDF 262KB]
44 Neil Repacholi [PDF 72KB]
45 Sr Sally Bradley, Exodus Community and Sisters of Mercy [PDF 66KB]
46 Bill King [PDF 616KB]
47 Shirley Dunstall [PDF 428KB]
48 Bahati Watuta [PDF 487KB]
49 C D Woodley [PDF 457KB]
50 Craig Bartlett [PDF 734KB]
51 Councillor Barbara Abley AM, DSJ, FRCNA, Brownbill Ward Councillor, City of Greater Geelong [PDF 121KB]
52 Colin Mibus, Acting CEO, West Wimmera Shire Council [PDF 125KB]
53 Alister Barton [PDF 748KB]
54 Louise H [PDF 108KB]
55 Tony Nutt, State Director, Liberal Party Victoria [PDF 1.7MB]
56 William Sali [PDF 677KB]
57 Leanne Chandler [PDF 756KB]
58 Michelle Cleary [PDF 774KB]
59 Adolphine Mupenda [PDF 564KB]
60 Jean Marie Mupenda [PDF 520KB]
61 Geoff Gerrish and Sue Gerrish [PDF 511KB]
62 Stephen Cooper [PDF 530KB]
63 Ian C. Bailey [PDF 518KB]
64 N. Barrett [PDF 543KB]
65 Chris O'Brien [PDF 539KB]
66 Steven Trevaskis [PDF 552KB]
67 N. Sali [PDF 561KB]
68 Diana A. Shaholli [PDF 565KB]
69 David Sali [PDF 570KB]
70 Brian Sali [PDF 567KB]
71 Abidin Shaholli [PDF 578KB]
72 Beverley Sali [PDF 567KB]
73 Alma Dajko [PDF 561KB]
74 Ian H. Price, President – Numurkah Senior Citizens Club Inc. [PDF 318KB]
75 Adrian Falsetta [PDF 383KB]
76 Petition signed by 14 people [PDF 509KB]
77 Ron and Ronda Crossman [PDF 327KB]
78 Peter L. Twomey [PDF 366KB]
79 Greg Toll [PDF 207KB]
80 Harold Chalmers [PDF 387KB]
81 Brett and Nicole Christie [PDF 340KB]
82 Michele and Chris Minchin [PDF 309KB]
83 Anita Bhatti [PDF 408KB]
84 James Maxwell Price and Melva Christine Price [PDF 400KB]
85 Joanne Shannon [PDF 402KB]
86 Nicholas Reece, Victorian ALP State Secretary [PDF 1.4MB]
87 Bernadette Burchell, Chief Executive Officer, Children's Protection Society [PDF 413KB]
88 Bob Holschier, Immediate past president, S and DDC. [PDF 121KB]
89 Graham Gofton [PDF 102KB]
90 Rod Hagen [PDF 543KB]
91 Jim Pasinis, Chief Executive Officer, Banyule Community Health [PDF 294KB]
92 John Bacon [PDF 102KB]
93 Luke O'Sullivan, State Director, The Nationals for Regional Victoria [PDF 251KB]
94 Danielle Green MP, Member for Yan Yean, Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services [PDF 264KB]
95 Daniel Zmood [PDF 99KB]
96 Abdalla Ahmed, President Australian – Somali Society Inc. [PDF 132KB]
97 Richard Morrow [PDF 171KB]
98 Louis Davis [PDF 182KB]
99 Michael Danby, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports [PDF 130KB]
100 Prue Beltz [PDF 120KB]
101 Sharman Stone, Federal Member for Murray, Adrian Falsetta, Shepparton Liberal Party Branch President, William Parsons, Chairman Murray Federal Electorate Conference [PDF 56KB]
102 Tim Colebatch [PDF 169KB]
103 Greer and Kevin Dellar [PDF 81KB]
104 Andrew Abelesz [PDF 253KB]
105 Tony, Vicki and Fraser Neele and Scott and Georgia Johnstone [PDF 163KB]
106 Dr. Liz Curran, Director – West Heidelberg Community Legal Service Inc. [PDF 372KB]
107 Colin McLaren [PDF 95KB]
108 Maureen Turnbull [PDF 266KB]
109 Ian Gibb [PDF 349KB]
110 Barry Hobs [PDF 340KB]
111 Stan Zurcas [PDF 347KB]
112 Darshan Singh Manget [PDF 349KB]
113 Surjit Kaur Manget [PDF 356KB]
114 Harbhajan Bhatti [PDF 345KB]
115 Sumandeep K. Sangha [PDF 360KB]
116 R. S. Bhatti [PDF 337KB]
117 Ruth Barnet [PDF 383KB]
118 Peter Barnet [PDF 364KB]
119 Lance C. H. Ward [PDF 344KB]
120 Devinder Singh [PDF 357KB]
121 Rajinder Kaur [PDF 349KB]
122 G. Singh [PDF 348KB]
123 Wendy J. Ward [PDF 349KB]
124 Chain Sangha [PDF 344KB]
125 Name illegible 1 [PDF 454KB]
126 Aydin Sali [PDF 439KB]
127 J. Cartwright [PDF 379KB]
128 C. Cartwright [PDF 374KB]
129 Jenni Newton-Farrelly [PDF 1.7MB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the objections, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.