Comments on Objections

Updated: 16 September 2010
Comments on the public objections received about the proposed redistribution of Victoria are reproduced here for information, in accordance with section 69 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.
No. Comment submitted by
1 John P C Gray [PDF 113KB]
2 Peter Moore [PDF 218KB]
3 Adrian Jackson [PDF 122KB]
4 M R Innes [PDF 276KB]
5 James E Woodley [PDF 266KB]
6 Anne Woodley [PDF 277KB]
7 Martin Gordon [PDF 147KB]
8 Gary Arnold – Chief Executive Officer – Moira Shire Council [PDF 571KB]
9 Tristan McLeay [PDF 112KB]
10 John McLinden – Chief Executive Officer – Loddon Shire Council [PDF 153KB]
11 Sue Zimmerman [PDF 107KB]
12 Dr Tim Gilley JP [PDF 113KB]
13 Norman Deards [PDF 120KB]
14 Isabelle Higgins [PDF 112KB]
15 Fay Kingsley [PDF 136KB]
16 Amy Stebbing [PDF 127KB]
17 Fiona R [PDF 119KB]
18 Dr John B Myers [PDF 112KB]
19 Liz Pain [PDF 125KB]
20 John Lewis [PDF 105KB]
21 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 156KB]
22 William Lord [PDF 116KB]
23 Stuart Burdack – Chief Executive Officer – Nillumbik Shire Council [PDF 203KB]
24 Laurie Wood [PDF 123KB]
25 Dr Chris Barry [PDF 111KB]
26 Julie Elliott [PDF 103KB]
27 Noel, Nola, Ian, Karen and Robyn Cocking [PDF 202KB]
28 Rohan Cresp [PDF 151KB]
29 Betty Dodd President – Olympic Village Combined Pensioners Association and Members [PDF 143KB]
30 Jenny Macklin MP, Federal Member for Jagajaga [PDF 396KB]
31 William D King and Lynda King [PDF 746KB]
32 Meni Christofakis on behalf of Port Phillip Greens [PDF 104KB]
33 Nicholas Reece, State Secretary Victorian ALP [PDF 156KB]
34 John Francis, Acting Chief Executive Officer – City of Whittlesea [PDF 365KB]
35 Betty Tydeman Deputy Chair – Heidelberg West Neighbourhood Renewal Steering Committee [PDF 171KB]
36 Tony Nutt, State Director, Liberal Party Victoria [PDF 451KB]
37 Ian and Anne Mackay [PDF 113KB]
38 Sandra Genovesi [PDF 107KB]
39 Karin Geradts, Greens Candidate for Yan Yan [PDF 127KB]
40 Roger Byrne [PDF 108KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.