Public Suggestions

Updated: 9 February 2011

Public Suggestions received by the Redistribution Committee are required to be made publicly available in accordance with Section 64 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Persons or organisations may lodge written comments on any or all of the suggestions that have been received. Written comments must be lodged by 6pm Friday 15 May 2009.

Written comments should be sent to:

Redistribution Committee for New South Wales
Level 3, Roden Cutler House
24 Campbell Street


PO Box K406
NSW 1240

OR by email

Public suggestions
No. Suggested by
1 Lindsay Merkel [PDF 43KB]
2 Ted and Sally Wolfe [PDF 46KB]
3 Mrs Dorothy Longfield [PDF 44KB]
4 Clr Rick Firman [PDF 49KB]
5 Julie Ryan [PDF 47KB]
6 Evelyn Fuller [PDF 51KB]
7 Mrs Shirley Ann Myers [PDF 40KB]
8 Dr Peter Smart [PDF 47KB]
9 Ronald William Cross [PDF 57KB]
10 John Walker [PDF 40KB]
11 Mrs Barbara Carmichael [PDF 74KB]
12 Ian W Hitchman [PDF 59KB]
13 Helen D Hitchman [PDF 62KB]
14 Anne Goldsmith [PDF 57KB]
15 Ronda and Bill Lampe [PDF 63KB]
16 Elizabeth Ann Cross [PDF 59KB]
17 Sue Hardwick [PDF 56KB]
18 Craig Hesketh [PDF 65KB]
19 Marilynn J Webb [PDF 44KB]
20 Vicki Bland [PDF 45KB]
21 Shirley and Raymond Johnstone [PDF 44KB]
22 Joan Riches [PDF 49KB]
23 Sally Short [PDF 141KB]
24 Walter Roy Breust [PDF 210KB]
25 Sister Mary O'Dea [PDF 73KB]
26 Stephen Scanes [PDF 152KB]
27 Kevin J Hopkins [PDF 60KB]
28 Walter Roy and Joan Breust [PDF 80KB]
29 Wendy and Stuart Jennings [PDF 43KB]
30 Stephen Dean [PDF 88KB]
31 John Blight [PDF 279KB]
32 Michael Hedger [PDF 63KB]
33 Bill and Anne Van Wel [PDF 35KB]
34 Deborah Payne [PDF 65KB]
35 Mr Pom Auimatagi [PDF 108KB]
36 Wendy St Clair [PDF 64KB]
37 Dubbo City Council [PDF 113KB]
38 Mrs J McGregor [PDF 120KB]
39 Rodney Rammers [PDF 521KB]
40 Bob Wheeldon [PDF 55KB]
41 Tim and Georgina Poole [PDF 63KB]
42 Dell Bungay [PDF 51KB]
43 Victor Batten [PDF 43KB]
44 Peter Bungay [PDF 39KB]
45 Mrs Yvonne Condon [PDF 56KB]
46 E E and John F C Marsh [PDF 159KB]
47 Kempsey Shire Council [PDF 103KB]
48 Dorothy Magrath [PDF 115KB]
49 Patricia P Cox [PDF 251KB]
50 Warren Shire Council [PDF 98KB]
51 Corinne and Clarrie Salan [PDF 149KB]
52 Len Tompkins [PDF 70KB]
53 John and Moira Buller [PDF 53KB]
54 Graham F Gorrel [PDF 63KB]
55 M Gordon [PDF 808KB]
56 Fred and Maureen Fiegert [PDF 76KB]
57 John E Lush [PDF 2.2MB]
58 Jan and Ken Hurcum [PDF 38KB]
59 Dr Adam Carr [PDF 73KB]
60 Cr William Maslin [PDF 122KB]
61 Narrandera Shire Council [PDF 86KB]
62 Stephen Dempsey [PDF 58KB]
63 Ron K Kohlhagen [PDF 195KB]
64 Cobar Shire Council [PDF 135KB]
65 Barry and Jan Longmore [PDF 84KB]
66 Susan Gregory and Stephen and Marian Lesslie [PDF 44KB]
67 Philip Davies [PDF 36KB]
68 Betty Wolter and Allan Haeusler [PDF 90KB]
69 Beth Burrell and Carmel Pearce [PDF 83KB]
70 Jeff Saxon and Norma Clark [PDF 78KB]
71 John E and Joan Cain [PDF 74KB]
72 Edna June and Noel Harold Wiencke [PDF 80KB]
73 A and Elaine Dudley [PDF 83KB]
74 Anne Fury and Neville Steinborner [PDF 76KB]
75 Les and Doreen Neumann [PDF 83KB]
76 Janice and George J Hopkins [PDF 83KB]
77 Mary Haggar and Maureen Steinborner [PDF 85KB]
78 M Haggar and T D Haultain [PDF 72KB]
79 Mark Lieschke and June Durham [PDF 80KB]
80 D Eldridge and Jo Melville [PDF 79KB]
81 Ira Smith and L Guilfoyle [PDF 80KB]
82 Dulcie R Noack and Wallace Plummer [PDF 82KB]
83 Edward and Daphne Salan [PDF 71KB]
84 E Stoll and Doreen Elliott [PDF 80KB]
85 Harold and Gwen Kroker [PDF 72KB]
86 Dennis and Pamela Stoll [PDF 86KB]
87 Noreen Smith and Ray and Richard Schache [PDF 95KB]
88 K J and G M Wales [PDF 74KB]
89 Vila Gardner and Norma Mackay [PDF 84KB]
90 Robert Neil and Trevor N Wiencke [PDF 70KB]
91 Donald and Helen Dunlop [PDF 75KB]
92 John and Sandra Morrison [PDF 81KB]
93 Shoalhaven City Council [PDF 83KB]
94 Willoughby City Council [PDF 368KB]
95 Paul Bosman [PDF 184KB]
96 R J and M Madden [PDF 102KB]
97 Grace Hatty [PDF 51KB]
98 Coolamon Shire Council [PDF 141KB]
99 A J and L M Morton [PDF 68KB]
100 Mrs S K Benjamin [PDF 41KB]
101 Brendan Moylan [PDF 79KB]
102 Temora Shire Council [PDF 118KB]
103 Wollondilly Shire Council [PDF 82KB]
104 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 454KB]
105 John Leslie Harris [PDF 43KB]
106 Brewarrina Shire Council [PDF 65KB]
107 Mrs Kay Hull MP [PDF 225KB]
108 Parkes Shire Council [PDF 112KB]
109 Warren Grzic [PDF 161KB]
110 Tony Windsor MP [PDF 108KB]
111 Audrey and Gordon Tremain [PDF 103KB]
112 Lachlan Sullivan [PDF 72KB]
113 Liberal Party of Australia, (New South Wales Division) [PDF 7.5MB]
Attachment to suggestion [MID/MIF 30.5MB] *
114 Eurobodalla Shire Council [PDF 129KB]
115 NSW Farmers' Association [PDF 328KB]
116 Finley Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Inc. [PDF 72KB]
117 Mrs Iris Herrmann [PDF 83KB]
118 Mrs Lyn Sparks [PDF 74KB]
119 Australian Labor Party NSW Branch [PDF 2.5MB]
Attachment to suggestion [MID/MIF 30.5MB] *
120 Junee Shire Council [PDF 161KB]
121 Robert Oakeshott MP [PDF 602KB]
122 Dr Charles Richardson [PDF 3.5MB]
123 National Party of Australia – NSW [PDF 3.8MB]
Attachment to suggestion [MID/MIF 33.6MB] *
124 Alan Jenkins [PDF 1.7MB]

* These downloads are available in MapInfo (.mid/.mif) format and are suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You will need GIS software to view and manipulate data.

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.

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