Comments on objections to the proposed redistribution

Updated: 9 February 2011

Comments on the Public Objections received in relation to the proposed redistribution of New South Wales are reproduced here for information.

The list contains 35 comments on objections.
No. Comment submitted by
1 Councillor George Martin Mayor Tumbarumba Shire Council [PDF 83KB]
2 B J Pearson General Manager Tumbarumba Shire Council [PDF 125KB]
3 Warwick L Bennett General Manager Mid-Western Regional Council [PDF 129KB]
4 Peter Bascomb General Manager Palerang Council [PDF 76KB]
5 Liam O'Neill [PDF 49KB]
6 Robert Gilchrist [PDF 57KB]
7 Bronislaw and Irena Stec [PDF 59KB]
8 David Ash [PDF 105KB]
9 Mark Olson [PDF 61KB]
10 David Parken Chief Executive Officer Australian Institute of Architects [PDF 69KB]
11 Cr Alister Lockhart OAM [PDF 41KB]
12 David Aber General Manager Moree Plains Shire Council [PDF 370KB]
13 Bruce Adams [PDF 899KB]
14 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 351KB]
15 Mrs Kay Hull MP [PDF 122KB]
16 Milan Kuban [PDF 66KB]
17 Robert Waller [PDF 248KB]
18 N S and J W MacPhillamy [PDF 62KB]
19 Justin Templer [PDF 42KB]
20 Dr Irene Ho and Dr Ien Ly and Family [PDF 52KB]
21 Ed Gilmore [PDF 227KB]
22 Carissa Bywater General Manager Forbes Shire Council [PDF 93KB]
23 Mark Neeham State Director Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division) [PDF 571KB]
24 Jeff Herdegen [PDF 42KB]
25 Danielle Jones [PDF 118KB]
26 Sue Cohen [PDF 41KB]
27 Gavin Tom [PDF 60KB]
28 Rob Allen Assistant General Secretary Australian Labor Party NSW Branch [PDF 319KB]
29 Vanessa Crompton [PDF 37KB]
30 Hon. John Cobb MP [PDF 182KB]
31 Mr James B Horsley [PDF 76KB]
32 Mrs Dianne Horsley [PDF 73KB]
33 Joanne Ewin [PDF 66KB]
34 Mark Coulton MP [PDF 71KB]
35 Ben Franklin State Director National Party of Australia – NSW [PDF 605KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the AEC or the Redistribution Committee.