Objections to the Proposed Redistribution of Tasmania

Updated: 18 February 2011

Objections to the proposed redistribution are required to be made publicly available in accordance with Section 69 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Persons or organisations may lodge written comments on any or all of the objections received. Written comments must be lodged by 6pm Friday 3 October 2008.

Written comments on the objections should be sent to:

Redistribution Committee for Tasmania
2nd floor AMP Building
86 Collins Street


GPO Box 520
TAS 7001

OR by email

The list contains 49 objections received by the Redistribution Committee.
No. Objection By
1 Ceridwen Davies [PDF 53KB]
2 Bob Holderness-Roddam [PDF 547KB]
3 Martin Gordon [PDF 190KB]
4 Rachel Fanning [PDF 54KB]
5 Rob Valentine [PDF 44KB]
6 Colin Berry [PDF 34KB]
7 Paul Fenton [PDF 50KB]
8 John Gale [PDF 29KB]
9 Carolin Parremore [PDF 185KB]
10 Wendy Stothers [PDF 66KB]
11 Mary and Wolfgang Purins [PDF 67KB]
12 Gordon Goward [PDF 69KB]
13 Alderman Doug Chipman [PDF 102KB]
14 Zofia Pilimon [PDF 51KB]
15 Steve Martin [PDF 65KB]
16 AR and TA Day [PDF 54KB]
17 Ian and Avis Finch [PDF 30KB]
18 Norma Jamieson MLC [PDF 54KB]
19 John Carr [PDF 60KB]
20 Jordan River Service Inc. [PDF 188KB]
21 Jan and Daryl Carr [PDF 83KB]
22 Peter Schulze [PDF 108KB]
23 Kem Perkins OAM [PDF 61KB]
24 Jeffrey F Matthews [PDF 76KB]
25 Peter D Jones [PDF 52KB]
26 Tracy Nutting [PDF 48KB]
27 Australian Labor Party [PDF 441KB]
28 Grant Atkins [PDF 178KB]
29 Brian Dowse [PDF 898KB]
30 Russell Broomhall [PDF 45KB]
31 John Biggs [PDF 55KB]
32 Bob Holderness-Roddam [PDF 79KB]
33 Rondaleen Cockshutt [PDF 162KB]
34 Latrobe Council [PDF 225KB]
35 Colvin R Smith [PDF 27KB]
36 Garry Sims [PDF 41KB]
37 Peter Maloney [PDF 40KB]
38 Sandra Suitor [PDF 74KB]
39 Lyons Greens [PDF 141KB]
40 Charles Radford OAM [PDF 42KB]
41 Corey James Peterson [PDF 200KB]
42 Ian Duncan [PDF 231KB]
43 Helen Burnet [PDF 48KB]
44 Elizabeth Perey [PDF 1165KB]
45 James Walker [PDF 115KB]
46 Devonport City Council [PDF 166KB]
47 Glenda West [PDF 34KB]
48 Liberal Party of Australia (Tasmanian Division) [PDF 279KB]
49 Cradle Coast Authority [PDF 107KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the objections, not the AEC.