Comments on the Public Objections

Updated: 18 February 2011
Comments on the Public Objections received by the Redistribution Committee for Queensland are reproduced here for information. The views expressed in the material reproduced below are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.
1 Mr Ted Malone MP [PDF 88KB]
2 Jericho Shire Council [PDF 56KB]
3 Miss S Dvortche [PDF 56KB]
4 Mr Kenneth Ogden [PDF 46KB]
5 Mr Peter & Ms Tina Wright [PDF 44KB]
6 Miss Catherine Blinco [PDF 45KB]
7 Mr Paul & Mrs Fiona McDonnell [PDF 46KB]
8 Mr Brad & Mrs Sally Edwards [PDF 45KB]
9 Ms Susan Glasson [PDF 45KB]
10 Mr Harry Glasson [PDF 48KB]
11 Mr Greg McCann [PDF 127KB]
12 Mr John R Ryke [PDF 92KB]
13 Remote Area Planning & Development Board [PDF 62KB]
14 Mr Grant & Ms Margaret McPherson [PDF 46KB]
15 The Hon Bruce Scott MP – Member for Maranoa [PDF 153KB]
16 Mr/Ms A R Macdonald [PDF 83KB]
17 Crows Nest & District Tourist & Progress Assn Inc [PDF 44KB]
18 Mr William J Manning [PDF 129KB]
19 Cr Jan Rohozinski – Hervey Bay City Council [PDF 33KB]
20 Kingaroy Shire Council [PDF 40KB]
21 Chris Cooper – Hermit Park ALP [PDF 40KB]
22 Mr Charles & Mrs Alice Lenthall [PDF 219KB]
23 Wide Bay Management Group Pty Ltd [PDF 27KB]
24 54th Erra Pty Ltd [PDF 26KB]
25 Fraser Coast Management Pty Ltd [PDF 27KB]
26 Barlow Gregg & Associates Pty Ltd [PDF 27KB]
27 Mr Alan W Smith & Ms Sheila J Smith [PDF 32KB]
28 Mr William A Green [PDF 103KB]
29 Mr Bob Richardson [PDF 736KB]
30 Ms Shirley E Coxon [PDF 35KB]
31 Mr Wayne & Ms Margaret Ross [PDF 49KB]
32 Mr Rob, Ms Wendy & Ms Narelle Bailey [PDF 54KB]
33 Mr Alan & Ms Robyn McPherson [PDF 48KB]
34 Mr John & Ms Janine Hawkes [PDF 48KB]
35 Mr Barry Jackson [PDF 49KB]
36 Mr John Cherry [PDF 178KB]
37 Mr John R Pyke [PDF 147KB]
38 Wide Bay United [PDF 404KB]
39 Australian Labor Party – Queensland Branch [PDF 224KB]
40 The Hon. Peter Slipper MP [PDF 155KB]
41 Mr Peter Priede [PDF 39KB]
42 Mr Ross Kirk [PDF 38KB]
43 Gayndah Shire Council [PDF 41KB]