Comments on Suggestions

Updated: 18 February 2011

Comments on the Public Suggestions received by the Redistribution Committee for Queensland are reproduced here for information. The views expressed in the material reproduced below are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.

This list contains the 26 comments on suggestions received by the Redistribution Committee for Queensland.
No. Comment By
1 Hon Bruce Scott MP [PDF 88KB]
2 Cameron Thompson MP [PDF 92KB]
3 Anne Jones [PDF 40KB]
4 DC Fraser [PDF 37KB]
5 Wambo Shire Council[PDF 115KB]
6 MG & LA Hull [PDF 41KB]
7 Hon. Peter Slipper MP [PDF 217KB]
8 Rae Norris [PDF 55KB]
9 Judith Timms [PDF 38KB]
10 Caboolture Shire Council [PDF 56KB]
11 Stephen A Gapsa [PDF 115KB]
12 The Helidon Sandstone Association Inc. [PDF 66KB]
13 The Nationals [PDF 195KB]
14 Queensland Greens [PDF 166KB]
15 Liberal Party of Australia – QLD Division [PDF 159KB]
16 Petition to keep Stafford as part of the electorate of Brisbane [PDF 49KB]
17 Alison Ezzy, Brendon Russell et al. [PDF 1.3MB]
18 Hon. Arch Bevis MP [PDF 188KB]
19 Flinders Shire Council[PDF 48KB]
20 Darryl Rosin [PDF 66KB]
21 Australian Labor Party – Queensland Branch [PDF 267KB]
22 Gatton Shire Council [PDF 45KB]
23 CW & JB Shallows [PDF 38KB]
24 G & A Jones [PDF 37KB]
25 E McCann [PDF 35KB]
26 Ipswich & Regional Area Consultative Committee Inc. [PDF 57KB]