The Redistribution Timetable

Updated: 17 February 2011
The Redistribution Timetable
Event Date
Australian Electoral Commission directs redistribution to commence and enrolment quota is determined 30 November 2004
Electoral Commissioner invites written suggestions from the public 16 February 2005
Redistribution Committee is appointed TBA
Public suggestions  
Closing date for written suggestions 30 days
18 March 2005
Suggestions available for public comments 22 March 2005
Closing date for written comments 14 Days
1 April 2005
Redistribution Committee considers suggestions and comments and develops a redistribution proposal No time specified
Redistribution Committee publishes and exhibits maps of proposed boundaries and division names No time specified
Public objections to proposed redistribution  
Closing date for written objections 28 days
Objections available for public comments  
Closing date for written comments 14 days
Augmented Electoral Commission considers objections (including the holding of a public inquiry if necessary)
Augmented Electoral Commission makes proposed redistribution
Further objection period (if required)
60 days
Final determination As soon as practicable (expected during October 2005)

Please note that the exact dates in the above timetable are subject to confirmation and may differ slightly within the constraints of the legislative requirements.