Objections to the proposed redistribution

Updated: 9 February 2011

Objections to the proposed redistribution are required to be made publicly available in accordance with Section 69 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. The views expressed in the material reproduced below are those of individuals and/or organisations, not the AEC.

Please note the inclusion of Objections 32–35, which had been omitted from the list of Objections due to an administrative error concerning date of receipt. This list now contains all 35 Objections received.

Objections receiver
No. Objection By
1 Don Cameron [PDF 91KB]
2 Peter D Glover [PDF 156KB]
3 Aaron Barrett [PDF 73KB]
4 Jan Verhoef [PDF 128KB]
5 Australian Democrats (Queensland Division) Inc. [PDF 1.6MB]
6 Simon Formby [PDF 54KB]
7 Kenneth J H Wilson [PDF 38KB]
8 Bruce Alexander [PDF 128KB]
9 Martin Clark [PDF 34KB]
10 John Orr [PDF 82KB]
11 D J & M G Munn [PDF 35KB]
12 Gatton Shire Council [PDF 32KB]
13 Hon. Arch Bevis MP [PDF 1.4MB]
14 Peter Marriott [PDF 79KB]
15 Hon. Alex Somlyay [PDF 903KB]
16 Kenneth Bonner [PDF 209KB]
17 Paul Kidd [PDF 97KB]
18 Ross McCowan [PDF 27KB]
19 John & Diann Jensen [PDF 37KB]
20 Kathleen Crees [PDF 56KB]
21 Wendy Collins [PDF 54KB]
22 Australian Labour Party (Queensland Branch) [PDF 171KB]
23 Kevin Rudd [PDF 222KB]
24 Liberal Party of Australia (Queensland Division) [PDF 385KB]
25 Paul Barry [PDF 368KB]
26 L J Staines & W Wendt [PDF 46KB]
27 Eric E Dwyer [PDF 27KB]
28 Dorothy A Dwyer [PDF 25KB]
29 Michell A Dwyer [PDF 26KB]
30 Michael Dwyer [PDF 26KB]
31 Claire Thompson-Barnes [PDF 245KB]
32 Queensland Nationals [PDF 42KB]
33 Patricia Daly [PDF 47KB]
34 Logan City Council [PDF 117KB]
35 M and A Moran [PDF 39KB]