Updated: 7 December 2007

A redistribution of federal electoral boundaries commenced in Victoria on 18 January 2002.

The redistribution was triggered as seven years had elapsed since the State's previous redistribution. Currently Victoria has 37 seats in the House of Representatives.

What is a redistribution?

In the House of Representatives each State and Territory is divided into electoral divisions. A redistribution is the redrawing of federal electoral boundaries to ensure that there are, as near as possible, the same number of people in each electoral division in any one State or Territory. For further detailed information on the redistribution process visit the AEC website at www.aec.gov.au.

Why is a redistribution occurring in Victoria?

There are three factors as defined in the Commonwealth Electoral Act (CEA) that cause a redistribution to be held:

  1. when the number of parliamentary representatives to which a State or Territory is entitled has changed;
  2. when the number of electors in more than one-third of the Divisions in a State or in one of the Divisions in the ACT deviates from the average divisional enrolment by over 10% in three consecutive months; or
  3. a period of seven years has elapsed since the previous redistribution.

A redistribution is occurring in Victoria under the third criterion, as it has been seven years since the State's federal electoral boundaries were last redistributed on 20 December 1994.

When will the redistribution commence?

The CEA requires a redistribution to commence within 30 days after the expiration of the seven year period. The Victorian redistribution commenced on 18 January 2002.

Who will redistribute the electoral boundaries?

The redistribution will be undertaken by a committee consisting of the Electoral Commissioner, the Australian Electoral Officer for Victoria, and two senior State Government officials, as provided by the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

Will Victoria gain or lose a seat in the House of Representatives?

No. Victoria's current entitlement of 37 electoral divisions will remain unchanged by this redistribution process. This redistribution will involve a redrawing of divisional boundaries based on the current number of seats.

When is the redistribution due to be completed?

The Victorian redistribution is expected to be completed later this year.

When do the new boundaries come into effect?

The new boundaries come into effect at the next election for the House of Representatives. Any by-election held prior to the next general election will be conducted on the existing Victorian boundaries – not any redistributed boundaries as determined by this process.

For further information:

  • Redistribution Secretariat (Canberra), Terry Rushton Ph. (02) 6271 4468
  • Redistribution Secretariat (Melbourne), John Pepper Ph. (03) 9285 7134