1999 NSW Redistribution Final Report: Appendices

Updated: 7 December 2007


Composition of the augmented Electoral Commission for New South Wales
Chair of the Australian Electoral Commission Hon Trevor Morling QC
Electoral Commissioner Bill Gray AM (until his retirement on 14 January 2000)
Andy Becker (from 15 January 2000)
Non-judicial member of the Australian Electoral Commission Bill McLennan AM
Australian Electoral Officer for New South Wales Frances Howat
Surveyor-General of New South Wales Don Grant AM
Auditor-General of New South Wales Bob Sendt
Composition of the Redistribution Committee for New South Wales
Electoral Commissioner Bill Gray AM
Australian Electoral Officer for New South Wales Frances Howat
Surveyor-General of New South Wales Don Grant AM
Auditor-General of New South Wales Tony Harris


List of Objections received by the Australian Electoral Commission pursuant to section 69(1)
G R Savage Tumut Shire Council
W M Dougherty Harden Shire Council
L Hassett M Eldridge
B Hassett C Eldridge
R M Brenton V Berwick
B A Connolly M Bolte
J J Sedwell R Lewis
Kim Norberry B Buffier
D Williams Maclean Shire Council
V Ruscoe Kempsey Shire Council
Rylstone Shire Council Patricia Deane
Weddin Shire Council L E and Herb Pitts
A Ripper W J Lewis
T W Leggett Mahala Buckley
Anglican Retirement Villages Marian Buckley
Gunning Shire Council Hugh Cavanagh
R Duncan M D Fleming
A Wilcox R Skarstrom
E M Schacktel C Cheetley
K Raymond Ron and Jann vander Meer
Molly Maze Roberts and Hillier
E Stafford J H and K M Carter
Ruby G Glover Tumut Shire Residents' and Ratepayers' Association Inc
M B Firmage Ron and Margery Smith
D Rochford L L Walker
N Burrell Malcolm and Beverley Board
B Mather Clive Bennett
N Hall J A Beale
E Elsworth K T Godfrey
G Chapple P K Godfrey
M Walker De la Salle College
E M Jacobs H Mackerras
Dunghutti Elders Council B D Hoare
K W West National Party of Australia – NSW
Bland Shire Council Faith Newell
S L Dean A Townsend
B and P Jensen G J Wilson
E Napier and D Breust Warren Shire Council
S McMullan Harris and Stanford
G and N Sundaram Raymond and Rhonda Taouk
P Ta anonymous
G E Rocke Marnie Fakhr
I N Drake M Bridge
F Chaney Haikalis and Merlino
O M Collum Murray Wilson
M Aspinall F A Bowman
D M Parish P E Bowman
B M Parke R Kelshaw
R McNamara Lucy Gartrell
Hon Ian Causley MHR W Bryden-Brown
D Landers Cara Bryden-Brown
R B Pearson Marjorie Crothers
G W Redding Ivan Crothers
Cootamundra Shire Council Audrey T Baker
Kay Hull MHR Margaret D Harris
B Lovett E Poulton
B Landers J W Napper
R W Pearce J B McGhee
S Sinko H M Bennett
M E Stedman E Booth
G McDonald L Bennett
Anonymous M Bamford
P Grkovic F Pollard
M G Cassidy D W McGhee
Rev R J Weaver L Pollard
E Cranley A R and K Alcock
E Owen Hon John Howard MHR
L Lu J T Dominguez
B and K Bowman Brendan Nelson MHR
A Rich R Cain
L and M Patterson J R Scott
G J Greening E Fallon
J S Falk C Geddes
G Hoggan M O'Rourke
M and F Kite P Graham, Mayor of Ryde
S and M Fraser C Abood
A M Hill F and J Croll
A Calcopietro A Boyd, Mayor of Hunters Hill
Peter Andren MHR M Lardelli AM
K L McKay Ryan and Ryan
L Rootes S Hoopman, Deputy Mayor Hunters Hill
J Evans A Forsyth
R Curnow E J Cox
L Dent G O'Gorman
P Gough Y Dorman
S Gough J Scotford
A Mikli K M Murray
J Carroll A Hoopman
M Attard B Metcalfe
R Karnowski R and L Metcalfe
P Somers P Alvarez
Strathfield Municipal Council M Wilkins
L Booth A L James
P Butler S Hoopman
V Cahill S Geddes
Savoca Family M Geddes
Great Lakes Council V B Johnson
N Bucciarelli and Z Stournaras I Boyd
J Bennett Scott I Oelrichs
L James D Frater
K Shield Australian Labor Party (New South Wales Branch)
M Johnson Hon Joe Hockey MHR
National Party Page Federal Electorate
Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division)
List of Comments on Objections received by the Australian Electoral Commission pursuant to section 69(3)
Pamela Alvarez Imar Youth Charitable Association
Northern Rivers Regional Strategy Allan Wilcox
Jonathan Falk J B Melton
Ian R Gollan Barmedman Branch, National Party of Australia
National Party of Australia – NSW Australian Labor Party, New South Wales Branch
Max Mavin Mavis Bannon
R B Pearson Evelyn Jacobs
Cowra Shire Council Liberal Party of Australia, New South Wales Division


List of those persons appearing at the public inquiry into objections held by the augmented Electoral Commission for New South Wales in Sydney on 7 October 1999
1. Australian Labor Party New South Wales Branch
Mr Shane Easson
Councillor John Weate
Mr Frank Rigby
Mr Bob Horne MHR
2. Liberal Party of Australia New South Wales Division
Hon Don Harwin MLC
Councillor Bob Baldwin
Mr Ross Cameron MHR
Hon Alan Cadman MHR
3. Kempsey Shire Council
Councillor Janet Hayes
4. National Party of Australia – NSW
Hon Duncan Gay MLC
Hon Jennifer Gardiner MLC
5. Mr Jonathan Falk
6. Councillor Sue Hoppman
Mr Mick Lardelli AM
Mr Allan James
Mr Bob Scott
Mr Ian Boyd
7. Anglican Retirement Villages
Mr Jim Longley
Mr Ken McKay


Guidelines for the Naming of Commonwealth Electoral Divisions

Several Commonwealth Parliamentary committees have considered guidelines for naming electoral Divisions; those below were affirmed by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters in 1995. The Redistribution Committee and the augmented Electoral Commission took the following guidelines into account when considering the names of electoral Divisions. It should be noted that neither the Committee nor the augmented Commission are in any way bound by them.

Naming after persons

In the main, Divisions should be named after deceased Australians who have rendered outstanding service to their country.

When new Divisions are created the names of former Prime Ministers should be considered.

Federation Divisional Names

Every effort should be made to retain the names of original Federation Divisions.

Geographical Names

Locality or place names should generally be avoided, but in certain areas the use of geographical features may be appropriate (e.g. Riverina, Eden-Monaro).

Aboriginal Names

Aboriginal names should be used where appropriate and as far as possible existing Aboriginal Divisional names should be retained.

Other criteria

  • The names of Commonwealth Divisions should not duplicate existing State Districts.
  • Qualifying names (e.g. North Sydney, Melbourne Ports) may be used where appropriate.
  • Names of Divisions should not be changed or transferred to new areas without very strong reasons.
  • When two or more Divisions are partially combined, as far as possible the name of the new Division should be that of the old Division which had the greatest number of electors within the new boundaries. However, where the socio-demographic nature of the Division in question has changed significantly, this should override the numerical formula.


1999–2000 Redistribution Timetable
Australian Electoral Commission directed that a Redistribution commence in New South Wales 26 February 1999
Redistribution Committee appointed 2 March 1999
Call for Suggestions and Comments on Suggestions 17 March 1999
Lodgement of Suggestions by 16 April 1999
Suggestions available for public inspection 19 April 1999
Lodgement of Comments on Suggestions by 30 April 1999
Redistribution Committee proposal published 16 July 1999
Lodgement of Objections to proposal by 13 August 1999
Objections available for public inspection 16 August 1999
Lodgement of Comments on Objections by 27 August 1999
Comments on Objections available for public inspection 30 August 1999
augmented Electoral Commission holds Public Inquiry 7 October 1999
Public announcement of augmented Electoral Commission's decision 5 November 1999
Determination notice published in the Gazette and preparation of new rolls 11 February 2000