Media release: Commencement of the redistribution of federal electoral divisions in Tasmania

Updated: 1 September 2016

The redistribution of federal electoral divisions in Tasmania has commenced today.

Australian Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers said that the Tasmanian redistribution is occurring as more than seven years has elapsed since the last federal redistribution in the state.

"The Tasmanian federal redistribution was due to commence in early 2016 but was deferred due to the impending election," Mr Rogers said.

"A determination on 13 November 2014, based on population figures, provided that the House of Representatives entitlement for Tasmania remains unchanged at five members."

An independent Redistribution Committee will be appointed to undertake the redistribution in Tasmania and the Committee will be supported by a small secretariat of staff from the AEC.

The redistribution process provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to propose where the electoral division boundaries could be located, or the name of an electoral division.

Members of the public will be invited to submit their suggestions about the redistribution during November. Guidelines are available to assist people or organisations interested in submitting their suggestions.

An indicative timetable for the federal redistribution process in Tasmaniais available.

Further information about the redistribution can be found at

Editor's notes:

  • A redistribution is a redrawing of electoral boundaries to ensure that, as near as is practicable, there is a similar number of electors in each electoral division for a given state or territory.
  • Under section 24 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Tasmania was an "original State" when Australia became a federation and therefore is entitled to a minimum of five members of the House of Representatives.


  • The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 provides that a redistribution shall not commence within one year before the date of expiry of a House of Representatives by effluxion of time.
  • The original commencement date for the Tasmanian redistribution (within 30 days of 16 February 2016) fell within the twelve month period prior to the expiration of the House of Representatives (11 November 2016).
  • A redistribution of federal electoral divisions in Tasmania was therefore required to be deferred and commence within 30 days after the first sitting of the new House of Representatives (30 August 2016).