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Early voting tracking to record levels as polling day preparations ramp up

Updated: 5 September 2013

At the 2010 federal election, 2.5 million Australians cast an early vote (pre-poll or postal). With 2.3m early votes received by the AEC as of close of business yesterday, that mark will be surpassed today.

The AEC is also completing preparations for Saturday where 8 000 polling places will be open around the country from 8am to 6pm local time.

Below are some progress fast facts about the federal election so far:
Early voting: pre-poll 1 462 721 electors have voted at early voting centres (until close of polling on Wednesday, 4 September 2013) since early voting started on Tuesday 20 August. More than 250 000 voters pre-polled yesterday, with similar numbers likely today and tomorrow.
Early voting: postal vote applications 1 324 178 postal vote applications were processed as of 4 September, over 380 000 of which were submitted via the internet. 853 634 postal votes have been received back so far (as of 4 September). Remaining postal voters are reminded not to delay, to complete their ballot papers, sign the envelope and have it witnessed and post it now.
Blind and low vision telephone voting So far, 2 782 registrations have been received from voters who are blind or who have low vision, and over 2 000 have already voted. Registrations continue until midday election day, and voting until 6pm AEST, 7 September when polls close.

This compares to 410 telephone votes cast in 2010.
Remote and overseas polling

38 AEC remote mobile polling teams have been visiting 400 remote communities over the past two weeks.

Voting for eligible Australians holidaying, working or living overseas is continuing in 102 Australian diplomatic missions around the world. Voting cannot continue beyond 6pm Saturday West Australian time, and not all locations in similar time zones offer Saturday voting.

Elector enquiries

Over 420 000 have been addressed via telephone with 6 252 originating from overseas. In addition, over 33 000 enquiries have been addressed by email since the announcement of the election.

The AEC's website has had 1 460 084 page views since the beginning of August.

Thousands more have been addressed via Twitter and Facebook.

Electronic certified lists

Around 550 electronic certified list devices have been deployed across a range of polling locations for the 2013 federal election, including some pre-poll centres and mobile polling teams.

216 587 votes have been issued as part of the electronic certified list trial so far.

Polling officials Temporary employment of over 75 000 polling officials has been confirmed for the 2013 federal election.
Polling places

Nearly 8 000 polling places have been confirmed for the 2013 federal election.

Over 43 million ballot papers have been printed and 50 000 ballot boxes produced and distributed. Over 100 000 pencils are being used & approximately 140 kilometres of string is required to tie them to voting screens.

Counting the votes

The counting of votes will begin in every polling place after doors close at 6pm on election day. Polling officials will count all first preferences on the House of Representatives ballot papers. Next they will conduct a two-candidate-preferred count of all House of Representatives ballot papers.

Once this task is complete, all polling places will commence counting the Senate first preferences. In some of the largest counting (scrutiny) centres, completion of the Senate first preference count may be finalised on Sunday.

All results are updated constantly on the AEC Virtual Tally Room, accessed via the AEC website.

Provision of results through the VTR continues in the following days and weeks until the election is concluded.

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