Australian Electoral Commission


Updated: 6 June 2016

Current redistributions:

A redistribution is a redrawing of electoral boundaries to ensure, as near as practicable:

  • each state and territory gains representation in the House of Representatives in proportion to their population, and
  • there are a similar number of electors in each electoral division for a given state or territory.

A redistribution is required when:

  • the number of members in the House of Representatives to which a state or territory is entitled has changed (population change)
  • the number of electors in more than one third of the electoral divisions in a state (or one of the electoral divisions in the ACT or the Northern Territory) deviates from the average divisional enrolment by over ten per cent for a period of more than two months, or
  • a period of seven years has elapsed since the last redistribution.

2014 entitlement determination

The last entitlement determination was made on 13 November 2014. A total of 150 seats will be contested at the next federal election for the House of Representatives in accordance with the following table.

Entitlement to members of the House of Representatives
State Entitlement
New South Wales 47
Victoria 37
Queensland 30
Western Australia 16
South Australia 11
Tasmania 5
Australian Capital Territory 2
Northern Territory 2