Australian Electoral Commission

Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA) notices – Expected election day polling places

Updated: 1 February 2016

The following download is current at the date indicated and is updated regularly. It contains information on polling places that would be in use for any federal election event called.

The 'status' column indicates administrative action that has occurred since the last federal electoral event involving the division/state (this includes by-elections).

  • Those listed as current polling places existed at the last event,
  • Those listed as appointments are new polling places for the next event and
  • Those listed as abolitions existed at the last event but won't be used at the next event.

Some polling places used at the last event have been renamed, these polling places appear as abolitions and appointments. The key data in this download is polling place name not premises name. The premises and associated address may change, the changing of a premises and associated address for a polling place does not alter the status of that polling place.

Outcome of polling place assessments (November 2015)

The AEC has completed its assessment of polling places. The list of polling places that will be abolished is correct as at 1 December 2015. The AEC regularly reviews its voting services throughout the electoral cycle and further changes may take place prior to the next federal election.